NCAP Background

NCAP was established to strengthen and teach the principles of advanced policing – strategies and knowledge that police professionals and organizations can apply to more effectively meet the policing challenges of the 21st Century. The Consortium brings together top-tier professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, academia, the intelligence community, government service and homeland security to provide law enforcement training and technical assistance programs to the nation’s “First Preventers” of terrorism and other crimes.

The Consortium also serves as a national resource for training and information on Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP). As defined by the U.S. Department of Justice in the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan, ILP is “the collection and analysis of information to produce an intelligence end product designed to inform law enforcement decision making at both the tactical and strategic levels.”

NCAP’s training programs offer police and their public safety partners with an introduction to the principles of ILP coupled with training on topics ranging from the financing of international criminal syndicates to terrorism. The result is a course of instruction that blends training and education with the end goal of offering students practical tools that they can apply to their own jurisdictions.

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