Policing Convergent Threats (PCT) Program

NCAP provided program management and curriculum development support to the Los Angeles Police Department’s “Policing Convergent Threats in the 21st Century” (PCT) national training program. Through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the LAPD program offered Instructor-Led and Web-Based training to State and local law enforcement officers. The training focused on the development and implementation of intelligence-led investigative strategies that incorporated civil rights/civil liberties protections. The program also oriented state and local law enforcement detectives and intelligence analysts to the investigative challenges posed by the convergent threats of terrorism, gangs, organized crime, human trafficking, and narcotics trafficking. The courses were offered throughout the country in 2013.

The term convergent threats refers to the post-globalization phenomena of transnational criminal networks increasingly leveraging each others’ resources and working together for mutual gain. These overlapping criminal activities require a more sophisticated, networked approach by state, local and tribal law enforcement that is rooted in solid criminal intelligence techniques and knowledge of available resources on the national and international levels.

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