Leadership in Counter Terrorism (LinCT)

NCAP has supported the Leadership in Counter Terrorism (LinCT) Alumni Conference since 2011. The Los Angeles Police Department plays host to the annual LinCT conference in Los Angeles that brings together law enforcement and intelligence practitioners from five countries that have strategically agreed to share information on counter-terrorism threats. These countries, known as the Five Eyes, are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each year, NCAP sponsors and staffs the conference and develops the formal proceedings document that is made available to conference attendees.

LinCT consists of graduates of the joint leadership project initiated in 2004 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scottish Police College, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Harvard University, and the University of St. Andrews. The purpose of the association is to foster international information sharing focused on the three main themes of counter-terrorism, intelligence, and leadership. The LinCT program creates an international network of counter-terrorism practitioners who develop strategies and learn from one another in order to combat a global terrorism threat.

Each year NCAP is a sponsor of the conference and provides the official conference proceedings. NCAP retains the Lafayette Group staff to support the conference and prepare the report. For more information, please see http://www.linct-aa.org/.

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